How to Stop When Kayaking

Kayaking pic

An accounting and investment professional with more than 30 years of experience, Afshan Lakha is a co-owner of Lakha Investment Company LLC, which was founded in 1996. In her leisure time, Afshan Lakha enjoys kayaking.

Stopping in a kayak can be tricky. To stop, you need to reverse the forward stroke. Safety is paramount, so follow these steps to safely stop in a kayak.

1. Check behind you to make sure nothing is obstructing the path your paddle will take when you make the backward stroke.

2. Maintain a tight grip on the paddle as you face resistance when pushing against the current. Insert the back side of the paddle into the water at a high angle. The closer you can get to a 90-degree angle, the better.

3. Rotate your body so you are pointing toward the paddle, and use the additional leverage to push the paddle forward against the current in the direction of the bow.

4. Pull the paddle back, stopping when you get to your hip. Keep the paddle in this position until you stop. Don’t pull the paddle back farther, because this will cause you to turn.