Gates Foundation Makes $80 Million Commitment to Women and Girls

Gates Foundation pic
Gates Foundation

Outside of co-owning Lakha Investments Company, LLC, in Bellevue, Washington, Afshan Lakha supports a number of nonprofit organizations in her region and beyond. One of the organizations that Afshan Lakha contributes to is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which undertakes a wide range of initiatives around the world to improve health, education, and more. In May of 2016, the foundation announced it will commit $80 million over the course of the coming three years to help close the gender gap that exists around the world.

The funding has been earmarked to accomplish a number of specific goals, such as collecting data on the amount of time women and girls engage in unpaid work and how this affects their ability to pursue education and career opportunities. The foundation also hopes to improve the reliability and accuracy of this data collection so that it can be used to inform the development of new programs and interventions.

In addition, the funding will support organizations that monitor leaders and ensure they are fulfilling the commitments they make to women and girls. It will also go toward strengthening groups that position gender equality at the forefront of national and global development goals.