A Handful of Must-Try Foods for Travelers in Tokyo

Shabu-Shabu pic
Image: foodnetwork.com

Afshan Lakha cofounded Lakha Investments Company with her husband. Recreationally, Afshan Lakha enjoys traveling and trying new foods and counts Tokyo among her favorite destinations.

Known for having some of the world’s best restaurants, Tokyo offers a wide variety of delicious food, including shabu-shabu. This meal consists of a light broth served very hot with thinly sliced meats and vegetables. Shabu-shabu also comes with various dipping sauces to finish off the meal.

For a purely indulgent food, travelers should try tamagoyaki, a grilled egg omelet that is sweetened and served on a stick. The warm meal has a very unique texture and flavor that most people love.

Travelers would be remiss if they did not visit the Tsukiji Market for some of the freshest sushi available anywhere in the world.

People with a sweet tooth should try one of the many matcha desserts available around the city, from ice cream to pastries. A recent addition to the Tokyo dessert scene is the Pablo cheesecake, which has melted, flowing cheese when diners cut into it.